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Poda Island

It is approximately eight kilometers far from Ao Nang and takes 25 minutes by boat. It has beautiful, white sandy beach with crystalline waters. You can see several coral reefs from the beach; therefore, Poda Island attracts many tourists year round. Moreover, it is the nice place or fishing. Also there are several isles nearby Poda Island; for instance, Ko Kai, Ko Tap, and Ko Mo.

Talay Waek or Separate Sea

During the lowest tide of the day, the sea is gradually separated by the white sand and limestone beach that will appear to connect two islands. From being the site of a meditation centre, it is also a place of archaeological interest, dating from the prehistoric into proto-historic times. Stone tools, potsherds, and unbaked clay votive tablets have been found.

Hong Island

Explore a little further with a visit to the Hong Islands, located 25 kilometres NW of Ao Nang. Not to be confused with the other Koh Hong in Phang Nga Bay, these tiny islands are simply beautiful. Spectacular beaches and hidden lagoons with shoals of colourful fish that literally eat out of your hand. Go sea kayaking - quietly glide through shallow water and explore around caves inaccessible to larger boats. Permanent residents include sea eagles soaring above and starfish just below the surface.


Susan hoi or Shell cemetery

Once a large freshwater swamp, the habitat of diverse mollusks of about 2 cm in size, Su-san Hoi features a slab formed from a huge number of embedded various types of mollusks which can be dated to approximately 40 million years ago. With changes on the surface of the earth, seawater flooded the freshwater swamp and the limestone elements in the seawater enveloped the submerged mollusks resulting in a homogenous  layer of fossilized mollusk shells forty centimetres thick known as Shelley Limestone. With geographical upheavals, the limestone layer is now distributed in great broken sheets of impressive magnitude on the seashore
Nam tok ron or Hot Spring water

    This area is full of hot springs in a shady forest. The temperature is not too hot at 40-50 degrees Celsius. The hot springs and cool streams onverge on a slope to form lovely cascades with warm water.
Sramorakot or Emerald pool

It is also known as “Crystal Pool” in Thailand. It situated in Khao Phra Bang Khram nature reserve. After walking a short nature trail for ten minutes, we reached the emerald pool. It is a rich-
hued natural pool at the center of the forest, filled with glistening clear spring water. The area is forested and shady and at different times of the day, the color of the water changed to different hues. When the water temperature is high, the water turns greenish blue; when the water temperature is low, it is pale green as you can see in the photos.
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